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Many of our fans say that GAMINATE performance booster tastes best straight from the shaker! We do agree 🙂

PINK DOMINANCE shaker – is one of our newcomers.

The all pink shaker 500 ml is a stylish and tight shaker with a concave strainer that facilitates thorough mixing of the supplement. The shaker has a pink body and lid.

The shaker sits perfectly in the hand and looks good. We hope it will fit perfectly into your gaming accessories. Its highest quality guarantees that it will serve you for many years.

Color: Shaker Black Clutch Shaker Frozen White Shaker Blue Blast ZUM ZOCKEN GEBOREN, ZUR SCHULE GEZWUNGEN


Colour of the shaker
500 ml
High quality, non-toxic plastic made in the EU, No BPA and DEHP. Dishwasher safe Reviews with
  • 500 ml capacity
  • high-quality, non-toxic plastic made in EU
  • BPA and DEHP free - screw cap and mouthpiece
  • practical measure every 100ml
  • internal strainer for perfect mixing of the supplement
  • dishwasher safe

GAMINATE is an advanced supplement designed for pro
gamers and gaming community

based on 12 active and interacting
ingredients that improve concentration,
reaction speed and cognitive abilities





1. Inside, in addition to the supplement itself, you will find a special measuring cup thanks to which you can measure out exactly as much powder as you need for one portion of the drink.
Using the supplement in the form of a sachet, all you have to do is open it by tearing off the upper part – in the middle there is already exactly measured 1 portion of GAMINATE.
2. Of course, it’s best to use one of our original shakers (you’ll find them in our store), which are perfectly suited to prepare exactly 1 portion of the drink.
3. Optionally – however, we strongly recommend it! – ADD A FEW ICE CUBES, and the drink will be even tastier and more refreshing.
4. You can drink it all at once, or sip during the game – it all depends on how thirsty you are :).
5. GIT GUD !
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